Project Sigma

WARNING! You have gained access to the SECRET PROJECT file server at Spaceport 666's UFO Warehouse. Any individual viewing this file without a security clearance may be persecuted! IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PROPER CLEARANCE you will be assigned a temporary security number until we can verify the authenticity of your computer's Internet Protocal number. Yes...we will find out who you are!

This is another one of the "Above Top Secret" UFO-related projects funded by the U.S. government. If the government spends $125.32 for a box of paper clips and $569.81 for a socket wrench (attachments not included), then how much do you think they paid for this project? Hopefully NOT as much money as they paid for the toilet seat on the commode that you can flush this document down!

Project Sigma started in May 1964. Its purpose was to establish on-going contact and communication with the aliens (mostly the Gray aliens). USAF officers code named "Falcon" and "Condor" met with an alien code named "BIG BIRD" in the New Mexico desert and successfully communicated with it. In the late 1980s, Falcon and Condor failed to return from a meeting with this same alien. To this day the agents' whereabouts are unknown.

If you want to know more about Project Sigma, come back later...if you get clearance! In a couple of days one of our CIA contacts will have added more aberrations to this file.

The Sesame Street Connection

Have   you   seen   this   Alien?

Yes, this is ONE alien! He is known to change form by "morphing" from a reptoid (from Zeta Reticuli) to a more lovable muptoid (from Zeta Berticuli).

This is the alien who is believed to be responsible for the disappearances of many of the USA's UFO spies. His name is Bipto. Bipto is known as a captain of a UFO fleet. He is considered armed (three arms) and dangerous. If you know of the whereabouts of this creature, let us know.

If you have the proper weapon (one BIG shoe), we suggest that you smash all three-armed entities resembling Bert from Sesame Street.

If you see this entity with another muptoid whom he refers to as "Ernie," it would probably be best not to smash him. LET US DO IT!

UPDATE!! The Bert alien has been seen in the company of Osama bin Laden! Keep your guard up against the terrorist alien powers unleashed on Earth recently. The picture below is more proof that BERT IS EVIL and that there are ALIEN TERRORISTS out there!


JULY 2003 UPDATE! The evil Bert alien and other of his fold morph into their favorite Sesame Street characters to wreak more havoc through terrorism!

Make Contact with....

Alien Photo Gallery: from Alien World

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