America's War Against Space Aliens


Calling all Americans!  Our war against terrorism has been extended to other than those Earthlings associated with Osama bin Laden. There is an outer space terror about to confront the Earth! Important dates in the near future are upon us. These dates correspond to a collection of New Age prophesies called the 2ML or "Second Millennium Law."  The first date has already passed. It was 1/1/1 or January 1, 2001. That was the day of enlightenment. Everyone who is sensitive to the reality of space people and spirit beings felt the awe of the coming of the new millennium on that date.

The next date to meet prophesy is 2/2/2: this is when more than just the sensitive will become aware of a foreboding gloom. However, all is not lost and true believers of worlds beyond our own physical existence will realize that only worldwide happiness is the final outcome. But first a war must be waged...a war against the evil terror, not just of this Earth but of those beyond this Earth!


For those of you reading this before February 2, 2002...good luck. For those of you reading this after 2/2/2, even more luck to you. Spirits will be shocked. Many will feel it within their souls. The stirring of the spirit dwellers is the prophesy for this day and forever more.  More than just human spirits will be stirred. Alien spirits will be coerced to journey to the planets they have studied from afar. They will seek to control these planets whether they are inhabited or not. Why will these evil aliens fight for this control? It is the same force that enticed the terrorists in Afghanistan (known as "The Evil Ones") to rise up against the good. What is this force that shall stir the spirits? The force of evil. All beliefs have their names for it: Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, Beelzabub, the Beast...


What Aliens?

The evil aliens of course! Some of these aliens have been studying us for a while now. It really doesn't matter what you call them, you know the ones! The ones you see in books and read about all the time. Most of them look alike. This is a time when "ethnic" profiling will come in extremely useful. Some are called the Grays, some are Dorians, some are Zarboreans and Centaurians. Anything that looks like a Gray, Reptilian, or MIB will suffice! Take a look at the alien beings below.



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