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An alien antimatter bomb! It is definitely alien terrorism at its most gruesome. This is a photo of an antimatter bomb as constructed by the evil aliens known as the Zarboreans. This device of devastation was discovered in the basement of a young couple after reading Official UFO Magazine's expose' on evil alien terror tactics.  The couple decided to check their home for anything out of the ordinary. When they got to the basement they discovered the diabolical device and contacted Official UFO immediately. The magazine covered their story in a 1976 issue.



No home should be without one! The Detectocon was an overglorified UFO detector from the 1970s which not only warned of the approach of alien craft but also detected alien biology itself. The apparatus would sound alarms when an alien threat was detected. Upon hearing the alarm, the operator could look at the screen and be guided to the exact location of the alien presence. This was an excellent remedy against the "evil ones" who liked to hide antimatter bombs somewhere within the home and other locations of possible public mass destruction. It definitely sounds like we need some more of these things around again!



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This is the photo of a supposed firegod which you can invite into your own living room...if you order the book and pyramid kit from Bill Cox -- he tells you how to do this. What I'd like him to tell me is how you are supposed to fix your burnt carpet!