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In 1975, Drysen Center was constructed as a research facility for the sole purpose of alien studies. Drysen Center was built in Brazil at the end of the Tefé river. Under the guidance of the eccentric American multimillionaire B.L. Drysen, a group of Brazilian exobiologists met on a weekly basis with alien visitors known as the Lyreans and Zarboreans. The Zarboreans are an evil alien race which confronted earthly mankind on June 6, 1976. Shortly thereafter, Drysen Center was visited by the nordic appearing Lyreans who supplied the scientists at Drysen with the technology to defend themselves (and the world) against Zarborean attacks. In 1977, Steven Spielberg made the semi-factual movie "Close Encounters" which was based on Spielberg's knowledge of the weekly "events" at Drysen Center.

B.L. Drysen



BLEB Beams


Drysen Center was equipped with the latest earthly -- and alien -- technology. It was impossible to go anywhere in the Drysen complex without being near UFO detection equipment or alien biological detectors known as Detectocon™ units.  During one Zarborean attack, Drysen employees were paralyzed (a few were killed) by a bio-laser emission blast (BLEB). The BLEB beams are designed to enter a biological system through it's eyes, where it travels through the optic nerve and then into the brain. A few months (and several BLEB attacks) later, after many Drysen scientists were either blinded, paralyzed, or killed, leaving mostly migrant workers to fill the vacancies; the Lyreans landed on the Drysen Center runway. In an ecstatic excitement, Drysen employees greeted the nordic alien visitors with hand-held Detectocons™ and medical lab kits. After the Lyreans volunteered to submit biological samples to the Drysen staff, they met with B.L. Drysen himself to discuss protecting the Earth -- and themselves -- from Zarborean attack. The simple solution of mirrorized sunglasses was to prevent the BLEB beams from entering the eyes. Drysen team members are at all times required to wear mirrorized sunglasses while at the complex. Some employees keep them handy at home for themselves and family members in case the Zarboreans one day arrive in a massive invasion. Of course the Zarboreans utilized other dangerous weapons within their warfare arsenal besides BLEB beam explosions, but the BLEB was their most basic plan of attack.


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