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Can you see the alien through the porthole?  The heavens were especially clear when Marc Brinkerhoff aimed his camera into the sky. The picture at the right is one of the photos he snapped during April 1977 during one of his usual UFO "watches" in the Mahopac High schoolyard in New York. This photo was shot sometime between 11:30 PM and 1:00 AM. Upon developing the film, Marc noticed a small dot. After blowing up the image Marc discovered what he believes to be the silhouette of a humanoid saucer pilot standing in the circular port of a hovering UFO. Marc contends that aliens have been contacting him and other humans in order to program us to save the world from possible destruction.

This photo was taken with a 257 Instamatic camera.



During a wave of MIB scares in 1977, the staff at Official UFO Magazine took a snap shot of an empty chair with a special filter, this is the image which was developed on the film: an alien visitor!

The photo below has been long believed to be that of a Man In Black (MIB), but Cedric Allingham believes otherwise.


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