333: Holy War -- as predicted by Affa bin Zeta (10/05/02)

March 3, 2003 -- a date of forbodding gloom and doom. The major powers of the world will be engaged in a tremendous Holy War initiated by The Evil Ones. The aliens are now arriving in spirit and body. The etheric creatures will have taken on solidity by this date. The physicals of the Earth will be fighting hand-to-hand with the newly physical spirit creatures from the deep.

The number 3 represents that which is Holy -- a trinity. It also represents half of man. Man's number is 6...the number of the physical. Three 6's embodies man as his own god -- an evil concept. Lo to those not heeding warning on June 6, 2006. But for now, let us contemplate only the issues at hand.

The triadic 3 is soon to find us on physical-time's one-way highway at that junction where the evil meets the good, where the weak meet the strong, where the right meet the wrong; where the light meets the darkness, where the earthly meets the unearthly, where opposites annihilate one another.

On 3/3/3 it will be halfway over. One half of man will be destroyed. Half of the night will become the day. Half of the time will not be one's own but will belong to that of another. One half of The Evil Ones will be destroyed.

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