Prediction for 444

-- by Affa bin Zeta

The year 2004 will be the safest year to date for the world, especially the United States. This will be largely because the rights of U.S. citizens are being stripped from their souls daily. This is mainly due to a growing paranoia regarding the terroristic acts of 911 and new laws ushered in under the Patriot Act.

The peak of safety will arrive on April 4, 2004. Don't be surprised if there are new laws voted into action which raise taxes. Also do not be surprised to see more government control world wide over freedom of speech. This includes snail mail, e-mail, and webpages. All of this will be done in an effort to maximize the security of the innocent while minimizing their rights as citizens.

You the people will have to fight this thing!! Do not let them take away your rights. Do not let them re-write your rights! Do not let them alter your rights in any way in the name of home security and anti-terrorism measures.

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