The Ohio Triangle -- by Master Pezod (7/11/99)

In the past few months, some very strange things have been reported in the state of Ohio.
A Middletown, Ohio systems analyst, Dr. Brehmed Ahmakt, has determined that the bizarre activity is occuring within a triangular region defined by Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

On April 2, 1999, several phone calls were made from various residents of Beaver Creek, Ohio to Wright-Patterson Airforce Base concerning "weird lights" oozing through the sky. The calls were re-directed to a local college astronomy professor who could not explain the incident.

During the night of April 13 between the hours of 11:00 pm and 3:00 am, on a connector road between Selma and Gladstone, Ohio, three separate groups of individuals claimed that their car engines failed due to the close proximity of a UFO flying overhead. One group of individuals claimed to have been abducted by aliens.

On May 5 at 3:30 am, a man in Dodds, Ohio claimed alien abduction as well.

Then on May 8, two elementary school children in South Solon ran home crying. The parents were informed that their children had witnessed a large, flying bat. This bat was about "as big as a doberman pincer with red eyes" and swooped down upon the children numerous times. This is very much the description of the legendary "Mothman" witnessed over two decades ago in West Virginia. The appearances of Mothman back then were linked with UFO sightings. On May 9 and 10 of 1999, the bat-like creature was sighted again in South Solon, as well as in Port William. A UFO was sighted in Port William, Ohio on the same day as the "Mothman" sighting!

In Xenia, Ohio on May 25 at 2:15 am, a motorist reported two "people" wearing "silver suits" walking along Highway 35, just 5 miles away from the city. The police investigated and found nothing. The police believed it was a prank, but strangely turned over their report of the incident to Wright-Patterson AFB. A very similar incident occured on this same stretch of highway back in October 1973!

On May 30, a Harveysburg, Ohio resident reported lights "flowing like water" over Caesar Creek Lake at 12:45 am. "They were blue, red and green with a little bit of silver in them...like a lava lamp." These lights were also reported by people in Dodds, Corwin, Kingman, and as far away as Bellbrook (near Dayton).

"I swear to God I saw creatures not of this Earth," said a Mr. Greely of Socialville, Ohio. On the night of June 16 at approximately 4:15 am, he was awakened by a noise. He noticed bright lights shining outside his window. When he looked through the windowpane he saw a circular spacecraft approximately 30 feet wide...and three creatures walking out of it! Mr. Greely said the aliens wore silver suits and had large eyes "just like the ones that they say abduct people." Mr. Greely immediately called the Sheriff, but not before he got his rifle loaded. "The Sheriff's office took the message," says Mr. Greely, "but they never showed up."

In the wee hours of the morning of June 24, several of the local mental health centers in southwestern Ohio received calls on their answering machines from the towns of Pisgah, Mason, Foster, Loveland, and Gano. A total of 20 different phone calls were made from different people wishing to make appointments to talk to counselors as soon as possible. Five of the callers mentioned that they seemed to be hallucinating. They described what they saw as "aliens", "creatures", or "UFO men" in their houses and mentioned that they could not go to sleep. One caller described his "hallucination" as witnessing "the devil."

On July 5 at 12:45 am, a woman in Hopkinsville, Ohio called her son to beg him to come to her house. She was upset, believing that she was just analyzed by "spacemen" in their spacecraft. Her son was wide awake due to his own family's dilemma...they were watching a UFO land in their backyard! The son broke down in tears and told his mother he would be there as soon as he could. He lived in Oregonia, Ohio near Caesar Creek Lake. The woman has been reported missing by the family. Officials are not sure if this is a hoax, but are checking into the matter.

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