Messin' With The Weather
By Reporter X

Has your weather been funny recently? Well this is nothing to laugh about. We mean funny as in strange! One of Spaceport 666's investigator's recently made a trip to Ft. Collins, Colorado where residents have been reporting weird weather. Our investigator, who for safety's sake will remain nameless for the time being, interviewed a Mrs. Bee Russell who lives only a few miles outside of the Ft. Collins city limits. Mrs. Russell mentioned that on the afternoon of December 3, 2002 she witnessed a motorcade of black Cadillacs driving down the street in front of her house.

"They was abouts 8 or 10 limosines ridin' through 'yere -- they was as black as night I'm tellin' ya!" Mrs. Russell told our investigator. "About the sixth one from the front of the line I got a look see into and those fellas was the palest souls ya would ever see."

Mrs. Russell told our investigator that the weird weather began a few days after she saw what sounds like the "men-in-black" drive through. It didn't take our reporter long to discover exactly where the weather changes were coming from. After driving into Ft. Collins proper, Reporter X noted a 20 degree drop in temperature. The temperature fell lower and lower until he passed what he thought was an ordinary radio antennae. After contacting our office, he was informed that what he was describing sounded like an orgone weather generator! He immediately drove closer to the site and hurriedly took digital photos of the area, fearing that someone would soon show up and tell him to leave. He prayed that if he was caught spying by someone that they would be human!

These are the antennae he first saw.

Dishes were also present.

Fortunately, Reporter X was not noticed as he sneaked around the scene. It is our hypothesis that this is another tactic employed by alien terrorists. Scientists tell us that if the weather is altered only slightly in a small area it can result in drastic atmospheric conditions on a national -- if not global -- scale!

The orgone accumulation trench.
It leads to the blue control
shack in the background.

Sneaking into a small control shack
revealed the computer regulator.

Fact: somewhere in Ft. Collins, Colorado, within a half-mile radius, the temperature changes 20 degrees! Why? Because someone set up an orgone energy accumulator which is designed to alter weather conditions! When was this weather device set into operation? Sometime around December 7 (Pearl Harbor Day). Who set it up? Probably alien terrorists or their sympathizers! What are we going to do about it? We can't tell you yet, but keep posted and find out!

Be on the lookout for alien terrorists!

After Reporter X leaves the shack,
a "man" comes out to inspect the grounds!

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