Columbia Space Shuttle Terror
--by Commander Ashtar (02/02/03)

The space shuttle Columbia rained down debris from 39 miles above the Earth yesterday, February 1, 2003. Suspected damage to the left wing was the culprit as the craft re-entered the Earth's atmosphere. President George W. Bush claims that it was not a terrorist act. The Iraqis said that the disaster was God's vengeance on the United States. This author claims that it's an alien terrorist group's vengeance on Earth!

Astronauts have been mysteriously meeting their makers for decades. Halloween 1964: Captain Theodore Freeman meets his doom in a plane crash. The suspected-but-arguable reason for the crash: a short in the electrical wiring running along the plane's left wing. Space sailors Elliot See and Charles Bassett died in an unforeseen plane crash over St. Louis on February 28, 1966. Upon examining the evidence the inspection team speculates that the tragedy was caused by a shearing fracture in the left wing.

One of the more spectacular demises occurred on January 27, 1967 when the Apollo I spacecraft burst into flames during a dry run of their soon-to-be flight. Virgil Grissom, Roger Chaffee and Edward White experience a sudden surge in their capsule's AC voltage and then are cooked alive within the sealed metal compartment, too hot for rescuers to open. Why did the surge cause the explosive fire? There was a short in the electrical wiring which jumped a spark into the highly pressurized oxygen of the space capsule.

Later that year on October 5, 1967, Major C.C. Williams dies in a freak auto accident. Upon analysis a team of accident reconstructionists reported that a contributing factor to the accident was faulty electrical wiring. June 6, 1970, sees another astronaut unable to defy death as Edward Givens' car skids out of control in a mysterious car wreck. No ascertainable conclusions were reached into the cause of this accident. Was it faulty wiring?

In June 1971, cosmonauts Debrovolsky, Patseyev, and Volkov re-enter Earth's atmosphere in the Soyuz 11. Upon a rescue team opening their capsule the three cosmonauts were found dead. According to Russian authorities the medical status monitoring telemetry indicated that the men did not die upon landing but apparently expired upon re-entry of the Earth's atmosphere. Still the reason for their demise is a mystery.

Who is murdering Earth's astronauts? Apparently a common theme has arisen: left wing failure and faulty wiring. Does this sound like sabotage by alien terrorists? This is in fact the belief of this reporter. It is all a part of the alien terrorist war. Be on the lookout and remember the coming war!


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