The Shadow Government Revealed
--by Commander Ashtar (06/15/02)

You may have heard of the Illuminati, Skull & Bones, and other secret societies. Each one of these groups overlap in membership. Our government (and most of the world) is controlled by a small handful of people, each holding membership in at least one of these groups.

Of course nothing makes more sense nor is more chilling than the group known as the Trilateral Commission (Tri-C). You no doubtedly see at least one member of the Tri-C every day. According to well-known conspiracy theorist William Cooper, most members of the Tri-C are "journalists" -- your nightly news anchors -- who are the most influencial on your belief system because they determine what information you get to hear (and not hear) on a daily basis. What better a position to be in? The top-notch news anchors of today are capable of getting (and creating) more information than the FBI and CIA combined. Who better to spread disinformation, shape the beliefs and opinions of the masses, and control the media? Think about it. They even control the news that world leaders and their advisors hear! These newsmen are really the ones in charge of the country...and the world. They are slowly inching world events in the direction they desire.

In his book, "Behold A Pale Horse," Cooper states that nearly every Rhodes Scholar is a member of one of these societies (usually the Illuminati). This includes singer-songwriter Kris Kristoferson, and the belated nightly news anchor Howard K. Smith.

If there were a registry book to examine, the membership in the Tri-C would read almost like a TV Guide: Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Ted Koppel, David Brinkley, Peter Jennings, Barbara Walters, Jane Pauley, Connie Chung, Debra Norville, Diane Sawyer, Bill O'Reilly and just about anyone from the FOX News Channel.

In recent news, Peter Jennings (Canadian) let his true anti-American feelings emerge when he banned the country singer Toby Keith from performing his new song on TV. Keith wrote a song about the USA in the wake of the 911 tragedy. He was planning on playing it on a TV special hosted by Jennings. Jennings nixed it and Keith altogether, claiming scheduling problems as the culprit. So what if the song mentions putting a boot up their ass and that's the American way. Jennings censored free speech. Yep...it wasn't a "politically correct" song.

George "Dubya" Bush did some speech censoring recently during a press conference when he had a citizen manhandled and removed when the man began speaking against Bush's statements aloud to the others in the crowd. That citizen wasn't being polite and respectful. You can't speak out against the President because that would be disruptive and no one would be able to hear him over his microphone and PA system because you -- ONE PERSON (without a microphone) -- are speaking amongst the crowd. Disruption is not a real good excuse there, Dubya! That was a clear case of banning free speech.

When are people going to get tired of the nicey-nice, politically correct, and feely-good state their world is in now?! Law enforcement can't ethnically profile to keep the USA safe. That is just not PC. You can't sing a song about kicking the enemy's ass...that's not PC. You can't point out any sort of differences in people at all...that's just not PC -- and you'll get your ass sued off, too! Scientists can't do experiments on a group of men without women yelling gender discrimination because a women wasn't included in the test subject panel. Well, the experiment pertains to prostate cancer, Jane...do you have a prostate? Let's suppose a group of terroristic aliens landed on Earth. You damn better do some "ethnic" profiling then! "Aliens...uh, outer space creatures...oops, uh outer space people have landed on Earth. They look mostly like hooked-nosed...oops better not say that, that could be offensive to "large-nosed" people everywhere. You better by God be specific and not take all day to warn the people of Earth to be on guard just because you "feel" the need to be PC! Why must we be obligated to tell people positive things and send positive messages even when they are doing something dangerously wrong and destructive. "Johnny, could you please help me to understand why you are beating your sister on the head with that axe?" Before the world was brainwashed, parents would simply tell him "NO! STOP IT!" and then whip his ass! Yep...that's too simple and too damaging to Johnny's ego. Just when the hell did we start caring more about Johnny's self-esteem than we do about little Susie's head?!

Thank the news media for filling the heads of the dumb in society with these freedom-killing thoughts. Oops, sorry...I didn't mean to say dumb. I meant to say, uh...hmmm, let's see -- oh yeah, feeble-minded.

Thank your Shadow Government.

Goodnight all. Film at 11.

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