The Rhine Triangle -- by Mr. Apol (8/12/03)

The small town of Rhine, Georgia lies near the tip of Dodge county, but smack dab in the middle of the paranormal portal called The Rhine Triangle. In the last 15 years some mysterious disappearances and teleportations have occurred within the boundaries of the triangle. Many paranormal entities such as ghosts, goblins, bigfoot, aliens, and the Men in Black have all been reported to have been encountered within the triangle's perimeter.

The triangle's vertices (points)
lie on the Georgia towns of
Jacksonville, Rochelle, and

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Many owners report their pets have gone missing after strange lights are seen oozing through the sky like a lightning-filled, premature gelatin. Controversial claims of cattle mutilations have also been logged in the area.

"The scariest part is that stretch of road," shutters Phyllis Newman, a witness to strange goings-on within the triangle. She is referring to state road 117. Mrs. Newman was driving along this road between the towns of Rhine and Eastman. "I thought I had covered the road already and was getting close to Eastman when I discovered that I had never crossed the junction at (state road)87." Mrs. Newman traveled the stretch of 117 north of Rhine for an hour and a half. She should have been in Eastman in around 15 minutes or so, given her speed. "I'm sure I was doing 60 (mph) most of the way."

Missing time isn't the only thing travelers report within the Rhine Triangle. A smaller triangle lies within, bounded by state roads 117, 31, and 132 in Tel Fair county. Within this mini-triangle have come the creature reports. UFO landings have been documented within the mini-triangle, with glowing entities disembarking.

Also within the Rhine Triangle is the town of Abbeville on state road 30. Abbeville has been buzzed by a creature none other than mothman! "I heard a whinin' noise and went outside and saw a big bird in my back yard," said Tom Griggs of Abbeville. "It's eyes was glowin' red, and it spread out its wings and flew off. I swear it had 20 foot of wing from tip to tip!" Mr. Griggs says that he might not have thought to report it that night if the "bird" had not stood over 6 feet tall! Some residents believe that this might be the creature responsible for the cattle mutilations and missing pets, still others postulate that other more gruesome entities are the perpetrators of the petnappings.

From south of Abbeville have come the reports of strange black cars driving state highway 11, usually heading north. Daniel Hawkins was a witness to a Man in Black (MIB) incident back in the 1980s. Hawkins claims that "This one car was drivin' real slow on the highway. I passed 'im. As I was passin' 'im I looked over at 'em. He was wearin' sunglasses, a black hat, a black trenchcoat and had a real white face like powder. After I passed 'im, I looked back at 'em in my mirror and the fella was wearin' lipstick! I slowed down so he would drive closer behind me so I could see 'im again. He was a strange lookin' guy. We were about halfway between Bowens Mill and Abbeville when the rain started pourin' down. I pulled over to the side of the road. It poured for about a minute or two, but not long. When it let up I looked back and the fella was nowhere to be seen. I thought maybe he was in trouble so I turned around and went back to see if I could find 'im. I couldn't. He was gone! There's nowhere where he could've got off the road -- I mean nowhere. He just vanished -- disappeared!"

In the tip of Dodge county at the junction of state roads 87 and 230 there have been multiple reports of hairy creatures and reptilian humanoids hobbling around. "I was travelin' north on 230 about to meet up with 87 to my right. It was dark -- real dark. Out of nowhere came this man. I could see him real good. He was almost glowing. He ran across the road real fast. I could see him running down the ditch even though there was no light on him. I think he was an ordinary man, but I could be wrong."

Even just slightly outside the Rhine Triangle there are some odd occurences to be slated. One of the most interesting, or worst -- depending on your perspective -- places to be is near the banks of the Ocmulgee River at the point where the three counties of Dodge, Pulaski, and Wilcox meet. David Sharpton of Pineview, Georgia claims to have seen a creature best described as bigfoot in the vicinity of this tri-county area. "I was fishin' when I saw off in the distance that this thing was movin' behind some bushes. I thought it might be a bear. It was hairy and came out of the bushes walkin' on its hind legs. It started walkin' across the river from the east bank tryin' to get to the west bank. I lost sight of it as it headed north along the river close to the east bank. It disappeared behind some shrubs."

Local authorities do not know what to make of it other than imaginations running wild and possibly some individuals seeking monetary awards from tabloid newspapers. Something is going on in the Rhine Triangle in southern Georgia, but at present we are really not clear as to exactly what these encounters might mean.

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