Jim Morrison: Ten Doors Down? -- by Rusty Shackleford (12/29/03)

Are aliens abducting humans and messing with their reproductive systems? Are the ETs implanting unfertilized fetuses in abducted women and fertilizing them themselves? Are the aliens performing hysterectomies? I don't know, but I do know that the U.S. government is covering up a lot of stuff! The government is even spreading disinformation to us about all sorts of things, like the JFK assasination, Jessica Lynch being a hero, and Jim Morrison being impotent!

Yes, you read it right. I am blowing the cover on this one! Why did Oliver Stone portray Jim Morrison as having trouble with impotence in his 1990 movie "The Doors." How could the "god of rock and cock" be impotent? He wasn't!

It all started back in 1968. Jim Morrison was the newly down-trodden leader of the popular techno-punk gothic acid rock group known as The Doors. He was being arrested left, right and diagonally for any little thing: using the f-word on stage, telling members of his audience to take their clothes off, smoking pot on stage, being drunk during performances, pretending to perform oral sex on a band member, and supposedly exposing his manhood in concert. Only one of these accusations is false. Jim never exposed himself on stage.

Police were actually arresting him on stage and stopping his concerts and cited him with public drunkenness. All of this was just part of the conspiracy. It had deep roots -- and they are still growing long, branching off in all directions. The U.S. government saw several rock stars as a threat. John Lennon was arrested on trumped up charges -- anything to get him deported from the states...and Yoko didn't help.

Jim Morrison was another rock personage to be attacked by the political deus ex machina, not for his political stances necessarily, but mostly for his power and influence over people. Jim was indeed a shaman of the soul. I know, because I was there.

Morrison's stance on Vietnam was well known. Morrison was nothing like his Navy Admiral father. Many DJs across America banned his "Unknown Soldier" song because of its anti-Vietnam tinges. Film student Morrison escaped the war by claiming to the drafters that he was gay. During this same period in history, another film student named Oliver Stone was serving his duty in Vietnam and turning on to the music of Morrison while puffing on pot and tripping on acid behind the broad bamboo leaves of napalmed jungles.

In the passed few months I have uncovered sources which allegedly indicate that the stoned Stone was supposedly brainwashed by his government (or at least by the "powers-that-be")as part of a purported experiment on American soldiers. The powers-that-be (PTB) -- not necessarily sanctioned by the government, or called "the government" -- used the already screwed sanity state of Stone to further re-arrange his thoughts into ex-deifying Morrison. How do I know this? I was there.

How can I prove this? I can prove it by the fact that I can tell you every scene that was cut out of Oliver Stone's "Boys from Company C." Why is this proof? This is proof because Stone based most of that movie on our experiences in Vietnam. And I also helped write it.

Back in 1968 I was PFC Rusty Shackleford. I was serving side-by-side with Stone. So top secret government files recently released by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) alone is not what I am basing my facts on. I base my supposed facts on personal experience as well. And my facts are subjectively true.

I was there when several of us were taken into a quiet little bamboo hut to meet our experimenters. Mistakenly they had chosen me thinking that I was somehow deranged. Obviously Stone was mind-fucked from his drugging and was the perfect candidate for the Manchurians to practice on. Inside the hallowed hut, Stone and company were stripped of their clothes and placed within the straps of shock treatment tables. We were then anesthetized and shot up with the LD 0.5 of a mix of ergotomine, mescaline, and LSD-25. That is, two shots would have OD'ed us!

From that point on I remember nothing. This is where I come to rely on the government files and several hypnotic regression sessions that I performed on myself by using the book "How-to: Hypno-regression." It is from here that I will refer mostly to the government files for what supposedly happened next, starting with the file USG-MF-001 -- the files of "Project Mind Fuck."

After we were "sedated" we were then given a more than moderate ECT treatment. In other words they shocked the shit out of us! They continued their role as Vangelder in their "Dagger of the Mind" scheme, taunting us and verbally abusing us and mentally programming us with hypnotic messages. Each of us got a different message. According to the file USG-MF-004, I was brainwashed to fancy myself as a writer and to forever spread disinformation about what puportedly happened. But it didn't work. This article you're reading proves it! For whatever reason, Stone's brain-burn took hold. Maybe he did too many drugs, maybe he was mentally inferior to me, I don't know. USG-MF-005 allegedly states that Stone was supposedly programmed to lean toward making movies which somehow insinuated that Jim Morrison was impotent.

It is at this juncture that I will present my findings on ten movies in which Oliver Stone wrote/produced/directed. These movies are what I call the "Ten Doors Down." It is in these movies that Jim Morrison is portrayed as impotent. In no specific order, they are:

These probably are not the only movies that perpetuate the myth that Jim Morrison was impotent. I'm sure if I had the time to investigate more of Oliver Stone's films I could come up with more than 10. Maybe you, dear reader, will discover some subliminal or otherwise outright overt messages in other Oliver Stone movies which attack the sexual prowess of Jim Morrison.

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