The Truth about the Men in Black -- by Mr. Apol (8/04/03)

The Men in Black -- also known as the MIB -- are those cool good guys who are here to protect the Earth from aliens, right? Just like the popular "Men in Black" movies, right? WRONG!! VERY WRONG!!!

Throughout history the MIB have been associated with some very evil doings. As a matter of fact there is much information leading researchers to believe that these MIB are not from Earth at all! They are either from another planet or from the bowels of Hell! Then again, no one is sure whether the MIB are aliens, alien robots, government agents, government robots, or demons. For all intents and purposes they fall into the realm of monsters!

In UFO literature these strange "men" are known as MIB and sometimes called MIBs in plural. In more than 95% of MIB accounts, the MIBs have appeared to be more malevalent than benign. And all of them have been categorized as 100% weird! During their visits to Earth they have been known to try to eat cigarettes and drink Jell-O! Some of them have even resembled cyborgs (half machine & half human) with battery packs and wires on their legs. Some MIBs have been known to talk in a monotone manner and say in a slow motion voice that they are running low on energy and must leave. Then they proceed to walk out the door like a robot at a very slow speed. After the witness looks out the window to watch the MIB leave...the MIB is gone!

The Men in Black are NOT good guys! The classic MIB scenario is this: A UFO is spotted by a citizen, whether the citizen reports the UFO sighting or not the MIB pay him a visit. Usually the MIBs use scare tactics and paranormal phenomena to encourage the UFO witness to remain silent. MIBs have been known to kidnap and terrorize UFO witnesses. After some MIB encounters, many people complain that their house became haunted. This is no surprise since many of the MIB arrive at peoples' houses in mysterious black cars from another dimension and then at times leave the scene like ghosts vanishing into thin air!

MIBs have shown up at a UFO witnesses' homes and asked to borrow photos of a UFO or alien creature that they took during their encounter. The MIBs tell the witness that "It's OK, we are with the government and we will return your pictures." When the photos aren't returned in a timely manner the witness contacts the government and finds out that they were lied to...it wasn't the government, air force, or any other UFO investigators...it was the MIBs!

The MIBs usually show up in threes on a UFO witness's door step. They wear black hats, suits and ties. Some MIBs are described as having olive colored skin or being tan, while other MIBs have been reported as being pale complected. One thing common to nearly all MIBs regardless of their complexion is that they appear to have Asian or Oriental features, wrap-around eyes (sometimes glowing red), and wear red lipstick!

It is important that we get the word out. MIBs ARE NOT GOOD! The Men in Black movies are not very closely based on the UFO literature. A lot of artisitc license was used when making these movies. If anyone makes a more accurate MIB movie it will definitely be SCARY...because that's the truth about the Men in Black!

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