Evidence! Holloman AFB Story True?

Some of you may remember the story of the purported April 24, 1964 landing of a UFO at Holloman AFB in New Mexico. This story was presented as a hypothetical scenario of alien contact in the book "UFOs: Past, Present & Future" as well as in the documentary UFOs: It Has Begun.

If you recall, at around 5:30 am on that day, three UFOs flew into Holloman's airspace and were tracked on radar. One of the saucers appeared to be wobbling and in trouble. This lone saucer landed at Holloman and the aliens disembarked the craft to communicate with the Air Force Base officials!

It is claimed that this landing never really took place and is an urban legend of sorts, based on a training film that new officers were shown when stationed at Holloman. But some say that this training film looked incredibly real! It is alleged that the film was the "real thing" and shown to the officers as a psychological experiment.

Many of those stationed at Holloman remember this "training" film they were shown entitled "What If They Land?" This film depicted this same scenario of a UFO landing at the base and aliens emerging from the craft. The officer who was in charge of ordering all training films and other equipment does not recall ordering the film. He also does not recall of disposing of the film either, which is exactly what happened to it! The original film was reported as "missing" in the 1970s and remains as such to this present day.

A copy of the film was apparently made, because a still image made from a frame of that film was sent to the training officer in charge of the original film. The frame was cut from a very new film...it was not yellowed and the sprockets weren't tattered as they were on the original film when it was last seen. The training officer does verify that the image of the UFO on the frame matches that of the original film.

In February, The Learning Channel used this frame within part of their documentary on the UFO phenomenon. As far as I know, this is the first time it has been seen on any website and identified as a frame of the "missing" Holloman AFB film.

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