No Right To Bear Arms

-- by Mike A. O'Keefe

ORLANDO, Fla. (July 17) - A loaded handgun stuffed inside a teddy bear was found by airport security workers as the "stuffed" animal slid down the conveyer belt through the x-ray machine. A 9-year-old Ohio boy was carrying it home from his Florida vacation. The FBI is investigating how the gun got inside the teddy bear.

The boy's family told investigators that the .22 caliber bear was a gift from a girl at the hotel where they stayed during their Orlando vacation. The gun had been concealed by cutting a half-inch hole at the bottom of the bear. The gun was reported stolen in California in 1996.

TSA spokesman Robert Johnson said the incident "underscores the need to screen everyone and everything no matter how innocent the people or their belongings may appear."

Ah, yes. Do you think this is what really happened?

I don't really think that the parents were conspiring with someone to get rid of a gun which was stolen 7 years ago. I DO think ADULTS were involved in the orchestration of this bizarre THE US GOVERNMENT?! I can easily envision US Government Intelligence contriving this whole thing to emphasize that EVERYONE -- EVERY LITTLE KID, LITTLE OLD LADY, MENTALLY HANDICAPPED, and LAW ABIDING John Q. Public MUST be investigated, watched, and basically harassed because ANYONE can be a terrorist or help conduct terrorist activity unknowingly.

Get ready for more of your rights to be taken away and more of your private life to become public. Pretty soon every move you make will be watched by Big Brother! You and your stuffed bear, too, won't be able to take a shit without the U.S. Government watching for terrorists to rise up out of your turd. Oh my God...somehow they planted a terrorist in your intestines! Holy shit, we have to really watch EVERYBODY! We don't want our innocent citizens to become unwitting victims of terrorists from the Middle East!