Flushoom! -- by Mr. Apol (8/04/03)

Fred P. Davis was buried January 15, 1996 after being murdered from a distance by a man whose name is being withheld. Mr. Davis was a resident of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

At approximately 11 in the evening on January 13, 1996 Mr. Davis arose from bed with stomach cramps. His wife noted that he headed to the bathroom with a newspaper in hand. "He was in the bathroom only a few minutes," his wife Gail said. "It was just a few seconds after the toilet flushed...then it flushed again...and..." Mrs. Davis was too upset to continue her statement. Apparently Mr. Davis was was blown up by explosives.

"There was a frequency device attached to the back of the toilet," said Det. Ralph Winter of Ann Arbor Police Department. "We suspect it was there for quite somet time," said Winter. "Someone wishing Mr. Davis' death activated the device by remote control." Further research indicated that the device was attuned to the frequency of a flushing toilet (approximately 169 hertz) and was set up to ignite the explosives housed within the metal casing upon a second flush.

"Of all the times that my husband went to the bathroom, he had never flushed more than once," informed Gail Davis. This leads investigators to believe that the device was connected to a physical mechanism within the toilet which caused it to flush a second time automatically.

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