Terrorist Attacks -- as predicted by Affa bin Zeta (02/08/03)

The Earth's news media has not yet mentioned a most obvious terrorist attack stategy: an attack on our lines of communication.

Osama bin Laden and other Earthly and non-Earthly terrorists like to use science against us -- especially science that has become a common place way of life for us. A common place amenity such as travel by plane was used against the American people on Sepember 11, 2001. Many people were killed and airlines are going out of business because people are afraid to fly. Osama bin Laden's stroke of genious was using our own common place technology against us -- a technology that we take for granted and yet third world nations only dream of possessing: airlines planes.

The next attack will be on lines of communication. In this day and age people of Earth (especially in the U.S.) are dependent upon telephone lines. Digital cable TV, Internet, and of course telephones make use of this prized amenity. So many Americans are dependent -- and some addicted -- to the telephone cable. What a shock it would be if alien or Earthly terrorists would destroy a major communication hub. Our lives would at least be interupted, and in the worst we would be more vulnerable to attack without a simple and normal means of communication. The government and safety keepers could not send word to people about what to do during the emergency.

Of course radio is always there...or is it? All it takes is the firing of a missile carrying a neutron bomb to be exploded high in the atmosphere above earth and all radio communication is blocked out in at least one hemisphere of the globe! Neutron bombs were designed to leave little physical impact upon explosion, yet unleash deadly radiation upon biological and electrical systems...rendering them useless!

Does Osama bin Laden have a neutron bomb? Probably not. He certainly has no means of launching even a short range neutron attack. Does Saddam Hussein have a neutron bomb? Possibly, but he also has no means of a long range attack by firing one high into space. Who does? Kim Jong does! Not only does Kim Jong have the launching capabilities, but he also has the atomic bombs: neutron and otherwise.

This prediction leads to my next one: a prediction of a Third World War!

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