Asteroid Anomaly

The Shoemaker NEAR project -- under the auspices of NASA/JPL -- is a satellite imaging endeavor. So far satellite Shoemaker, named for the late astronomer, has been sending back thousands of digital images of the 24-mile-long asteroid known as Eros. Shoemaker has been orbiting Eros for months now, taking all sorts of images -- including 3D pictures.

Of the thousands of photos taken of Eros, one in particular shows an "anomaly" worth the attention of those earthlings who investigate extraterrestrial evidences. The photo (shown below) clearly displays some sort of "vehicle" on Eros! The "vehicle" appears in the upper center of the crater as a bright, light-reflecting "ball," with a dark trail following it for miles.

Presently, no one from JPL has any explanation for this photo and wishes not to speculate upon the meaning of what is seen in the center of this particular crater on Eros. Do we once again have a situation like the "face on Mars" which was taken by the Viking satellite back in 1976? Will NASA officials claim that it is a trick of light? What about the trail behind it, which indicates that the unknown "blob" is moving? We will let you be the judge for now.

Look just above the center of the crater (and slighty toward the right) and you will see the "vehicle."

Note the trail that is left by the moving "vehicle."

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