--by Cuptan Futogia, 07/08/03

Have you ever glanced up at a digital clock and noticed that the time was 11:11? What does this mean? NOTHING! Have you ever unconsciously glanced at a digital clock several different times within a period of a few days and lo and behold it read 11:11? This DOES mean something!

You are experiencing what many other people are experiencing at this time -- an awakening of some sort. We here at Spaceport666 do not completely understand the awakening aspect of this phenomenon as explained by Solara, but you can visit her website for more details. Just search on "Solara 11:11" or just "11:11" and you will find it. There are many sources and we'd rather let you the reader be the judge of them all, so we are not going to list a specific link to any site pertaining to 11:11.

We here at Spaceport666 believe that this 11:11 phenomenon is more of a personal thing and not something that is happening en mass to a large group of "special" people. We believe that anyone can experience this phenomenon at any time. We believe it is experienced during times of great growth or change in a person's life and is usually a portent for the experiencer to expect a great change in their life in some way or another. We tend to think that this 11:11 portent is an indicator of negative change than it is a predictor of postive change, although it may represent the coming of either.

People are not only seeing the 11:11 on their clocks but also in the sky.

Regardless of what one believes about the 11:11 if you begin experiencing this phenomenon don't become alarmed, just wait patiently to see what it brings...and hope for the best.

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