Doorways In Your Home

May Be A Portal For Ghosts!

Story by Mystic MAO

Between the years 2000-2001 much statistical analysis was done on ghost sightings. Material was gathered from most of the written history of ghost accounts from all over the world. The statistical analysis centered on WHO sees ghosts, WHEN do they see them, and WHERE.

The statistics follow.

WHO sees ghosts: Just about anyone of any age,
but primarily people who believe in them strongly.
Of all those mentally healthy individuals
WHO see ghosts:

96% Have Connections With The Occult
92% Are Believers In Ghosts

WHEN do they see ghosts:

95% Alone
81% At Night
78% When Engaged in Religious Study
32% During A Crisis
1% When Engaged in Satanic or Occult Study

WHERE do they see ghosts:

97% At Home
2% At A Cemetary
1% Other Places

Of all those people who see them IN A HOUSE:

97% See Them In A Doorway
1% See Them In A Hallway
1% See Them On A Stairway
1% See Them In Other Places

Of those seeing them In A DOORWAY:

38% Bedroom Doorway
33% Closet Doorway
28% Bathroom Doorway
1% Other Doorways

When compiling this information, paranormal investigators Plutarch and Evans summarized that "if you really want to see a ghost, be home alone at night reading a religious book of some sort -- such as the Bible. If you are a person who believes in the spirit world and has contacted a fortune teller, played with Ouija boards, or even reads a lot about ghosts and even things like UFOs, then you have a really good chance at seeing a ghost in a bedroom or closet doorway."

Most importantly, Plutarch and Evans warn against rooms which contain 3 or more doorways. "According to the data, you are just asking for trouble with ghosts when you occupy a room with lots of doorways...3 or more will do the trick. We are not sure what it is, but doorways in the home serve as a portal for spirit beings to enter the physical world!" When asked what they are referring to by "doorways" the ghost-hunting team told us "any door frame -- we are talking about a room which contains an entrance doorway, maybe a closet doorway, and a third doorway which could lead to another room, or outside."