Are Aliens Messing with Marijuana?

Fluid-Soaked Marijuana: New High Achieved with Skunk Ape Urine?

The trend of smoking marijuana soaked with bigfoot urine is gaining popularity throughout the United States. The syndrome of intoxication looks nearly identical to that seen following phencyclidine (PCP) use, with agitation, disorganized speech and thoughts, and diminished attention. It is believed that this new trend in drug use involving marijuana is linked to aliens from outer space.

The following is a case report:

The patient is a 28 year old African American male who arrived via ambulance to Bellevue psychiatric emergency room in the evening. On admission, patient was naked, disoriented, and psychotic. He referred to himself as "Allah," "Justice" and "Jesus."

After receiving a 2 mg injection of ativan, the patient was able to state his name, and that he had come on a bus from Philadelphia to Manhattan. The patient was preoccupied with aliens, surveillance cameras, and robots. He repeated ideas about twins and clones, referring to the "invasion of the double-mint twins.... the devil-made twins." He related paranoid ideation, that the Masons had a plot against him and that the aliens had replaced his eye with a camera in order for him to transmit his vision to their spaceship. He stated that the voices were telling him to do things such as "duck," and "look for the red spots."

What were the red spots he was referring to? Was it the Great Red Spot on the surface of the planet Jupiter? Is that where the aliens are from? Do these aliens have a connection with the Masons? Are the Masons soaking marijuana in bigfoot urine and selling it on the streets? Keep visiting the Spaceport 666 website for more updates!

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