Nostradamus Predicts

Yes, more Nostradamus prophesies have been found on the remarkably clean walls of a sewer in France! They were written in reverse, in a mixture of Greek, French, and Pig Latin, using big Gothic lettering. As more and more of them are discovered and decoded, they will be added to the list below.

Read for yourself what the year 2000 holds in store for the world!

1. A musical concert will be held for a person of high stature, at which Bob Dylan will sing....and every word will be understood.

2. On Y2K day, not one computer will crash....but the electricity will be out all over the world, rendering computers useless.

3. At his year 2000 hearing, Charles Manson will be genuinely remorseful for his crimes and hence be paroled!

4. After a freak accident, Stephen King will succumb to "writer's block" and hence be able to write only 4 books a month.

5. Marilyn Manson will record a live gospel album with the Statler Brothers, and be mistaken for Cher while on tour.

6. The rosy-cheeked, middle Hanson brother, named Taylor, will recover from a dreaded cancer of the ovaries.

7. Al Gore will blink, and hence become very popular.

8. A UFO will land on the White House lawn....but no one will see it because it will be invisible!

9. In the month of May, a time machine will be invented which can only travel into the future at a rate of 60 minutes per hour.

10. Bigfoot's remains will be discovered with feet fully intact....but, the length from toe to heel will measure only 5 inches!

11. The Backstreet Boys will have "reverse Michael Jackson" surgery done on themselves, change their name to the Black Streetboys, and record only rap music.