Telekinesis: from off the Movie Screen to Reality?
Murdock, Florida, August 4, 2003

Frequent travelers on the Information Superhighway are aware that it has its own "Twilight Zone" of sorts, and out there on one stretch are signposts directing the curious to the website of James A. Conrad.

After over twenty years of research, the film industry author and paraphysics researcher has discovered and released a scientific equation for the paranormal ability known as telekinesis. This is the first time in history that an actual equation, or formula, has ever been offered by a researcher to mainstream skeptical science for any alleged paranormal power.

Telekinesis, according to Conrad's definition, is the causing of microscopic or full-out visual movement in an object from a distance by a mind-activated release of natural brain energy that interacts with the object's surface electrical field resulting in an effect of repulsion or attraction. According to his theory, which he arrived at after examining data from over ten years of his own blood tests and experiments performed in his full-scale telekinesis laboratory, sufficient circulating iron in the brain's blood supply plays a key role, but, he insists, not an amount that would be considered excessive or dangerous.

Just like the basis for the onscreen telekinetic character Jean Grey in this year's hit movie X2: X-men United, Conrad believes that some people have a genetic gift or tendency to be able to generate a higher level of cerebral energy that can be released outward from the brain once a mental triggering technique is learned, what he calls "zero point emotions."

The idea of energy, other than thermal energy, traveling outward from the human head into the air is no longer the stuff of science fiction. In 1997, an advancement in cerebral energy physics (a term Conrad coined) occurred when the Japanese Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced the invention of the MEG machine, a multimillion dollar brain-energy emissions detector for medical use that can scan the head region of a person—without making physical contact—for very low levels of magnetic field energy that normally projects from the brain and skull of everyone into the open air surrounding the head.

That breakthrough invention, observers say, provided the first mainstream scientific evidence, a crack in the proverbial "Twilight Zone" door, that witnesses' claims over the years about objects moving in front of them due to some unseen human energy projection might actually have some foundation in truth. Telekinesis could be, as Conrad contends, "an emerging natural evolutionary trait in humans and not a supernatural one."

Conrad's Human Telekinesis Equation, also known as the Conrad Telekinesis Formula, is

TK = CFe +VC +ZPE -SD - E+.

Fuller explanations for the various symbols can be found on his website (http://jamesaconrad.com), but simply put, TK = Telekinesis; + CFe = sufficient Cerebro Iron; + VC = direct Visual Contact; +ZPE = Zero Point Emotions; - SD = no Sleep Deprivation; and - E+ = no excess Vitamin E. The World Health Organization estimates that up to 80% of the world's population may be iron deficient and considers it the number one nutritional disorder in the world; in fact, "a public health condition of epidemic proportions."

If mainstream science and enthusiastic amateur researchers worldwide confirm Conrad's findings, he deserves a good deal of the credit for humans as a species advancing one step higher on the evolutionary ladder as a result. Perhaps, one day in the not too distant future, the saying "movers and shakers" in society will take on an entirely new meaning.

Besides being internationally known for his private research activities in the frontier sciences arena, James A. Conrad is the author of two professional reference books: Filmmaker's Dictionary with Emmy Award-winning producer-director Ralph S. Singleton (Lone Eagle Publishing, 2000) and The Model-Actor's Dictionary (Rivercross Publishing, 1988).


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