Prediction for 666

-- by Affa bin Zeta

The year 2006 will mark the time when several billion world citizens will hear of and believe in the mark of the beast! It will be obvious. This year will be abuzz with news articles and TV stories regarding a one-world government based around an impossible Utopia. Some people will believe this nonsense as a protection measure. Many others will view it for what it is: government control of the people of the world.

Every modern nation in the world will have heard of this plan by June 6, 2006. Modern nations will be gathered under a one-world type of government "Utopic" control. This government will allow the purely under-developed primative "unoffical" nations to suffer and die away -- if not contribute to their "natural" extermination by allowing the more obeying and unscrupulous world citizens to hunt, rape, and capture these peoples. By 2008 there will be a system in place by which everyone can be tracked. This will be claimed as a safe-guard against terrorism. Terrorism has opened the door to the beast. The terrorists aren't as much the beast as those governments who construct elaborate measures to contain control over its citizens rights and freedoms in the name of homeland security! Beware of the homeland security cult! It's a government conspiracy! They are testing their power -- the power they have over the people. They will demonstrate their power by making examples of many innocent citizens.

Depending upon your religious beliefs and your beliefs regarding predetermination and how it affects the future will itself predict your role in opposing the beast. Remember, opposition of the beast takes the form of rejecting its mark. Reject it! Reject it and it will fall!