Guiding Light

WARNING! You have gained access to the Secret Projects file at Spaceport 666's UFO Warehouse. This is a document from a U.S. Government dossier. This document is considered "Above Top Secret" and is to only be read by individuals possessing an appropriate security clearance. LIKE YOU WOULD HAVE ONE! If you have a registered clearance, then read on:

GUIDING LIGHT is the name of a soap opera that very few people ever watched. It probably consisted of characters with names like Luke, Laura, Jake, Consuella, and Doctor So'N'So. I couldn't tell you what their names are for certain because I don't know much about soap operas (or at least I say I don' will just have to believe me!)

Guiding Light is also the name of the operational program that provides disinformation and false information (much like the characters in a soap opera do). But this government project actually supplied sweet little lies to UFO oganizations. Another objective of Guiding Light is to cause confusion and discord (just as witnessed in a soap opera) among those civilians and scientists in UFO research groups.

Those claimed to have been the directors of this secret program are Dr. Donald Menzel (physicist), Phillip Klass (aeronautical journalist/researcher), and Dr. Valium Thorazine.

If you want to know more about this project, come back again sometime later when new information has been added to this file. But right now, I've got to go watch my soap opera.


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