Operation Excalibur

OK. So you probably know by now that you are in a restricted area without a security clearance...right? Huh? YES! You should NOT be reading this document! It is very bad for your health. If the Surgeon General could put a WARNING label on it it would say READING THIS TOP SECRET DOCUMENT KEPT IN THE FILES OF "SPACEPORT 666'S UFO WAREHOUSE" MAY CAUSE SEVERE DEATH. DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR ARE NURSING A BABY.

Yeah right.

Operation Excalibur was started by President Reagan around the time he found out that economics don't trickle...and they especially don't trickle DOWN. After his "Star Wars" SDI fiasco to put atomic weapons and laser guns in space could not be funded, he looked for another way to fend off the evil communistic alien invaders. He created Excalibur.

Operation Excalibur was an attempt to recover our secret underground military bases from the evil Gray aliens...after we had let them HAVE those facilities! This just goes to show you that Reagan was what is commonly called an "Indian Giver." But enough of degrading ex-president Reagan...let's degrade some aliens!

Excalibur was actually a missle development project. Reagan commissioned the invention of a missle which could bore underground to the alien bases and destroy the aliens...but not the facilities. Oops...Ronnie, you screwed up again! That kind of warhead was invented back in the 1950s. It is called a NEUTRON BOMB! Wow, he really was senile wasn't he?

Sorry, I said I wasn't going to degrade Reagan again. I lied. And that ain't the first time! If you really think the truth is out there...then think again...and again...and again...and...

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