What We Believe About The U.S. Government

Was Marilyn Monroe murdered by JFK? WHO murdered JFK? We believe that the U.S. Government is hiding a lot of dirty secrets about all sorts of things, including what THEY BELIEVE (and KNOW) about UFOs and aliens.

We also believe that the U.S. Government is slowly and purposely evolving into a police state. Authorities are using the 9-11 tragedy to aid in their metamorphosis toward a more communistic and authoritarian style of administration. In the name of homeland security, measures such as the Patriot Act have been passed which are leading our liberty to the stockades.

Very soon we will be living in Orwell's "1984." You the citizen will have to stop it! You must be aware enough to realize what is gradually happening before you are sucked into the mind set and brainwashed to believe that giving away a "little" freedom for "some" security is hogwash!