Alien Beliefs

We here at Spaceport 666 believe that aliens are, in some sense, real. They are either real physical beings OR they are purely spiritual beings.

If spiritual, we believe that they can take physical form and/or communicate through Earth people. For the most part we believe that if they are physical beings they can not travel to Earth in the flesh because of such long distances in space, but they may be able to spiritually travel to Earth in some form.

Of course, some physical beings may be able to travel to Earth physically if they use some form of science unimaginable to us that is able to violate Einstein's universal laws which we observe to hold true. Intelligent beings from beyond may also be able to send "robots" which they control and we interpret as being the aliens themselves.

Totally confused? Just remember, that the simple answer is: WE DO BELIEVE THAT ALIENS ARE REAL IN SOME SENSE.