Project Aquarius

WARNING! You have gained access to a document on the "Secret Projects" server at Spaceport 666's UFO Warehouse. This document is part of a U.S. government dossier stamped as "Above Top Secret."

Only individuals with the proper security clearance are allowed to read this document. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PROPER CLEARANCE you will be assigned a temporary security clearance number while we check your computer's Internet Protocal number for authenticity. While we check this you can read the document's just a bunch of bull, anyway. After you get clearance you can come back and read the REAL document!


Most people think Project Aquarius started in 1969 when a bunch of people with real long hair performed a stage production with a half-baked script and bad acting...but the singing was good! But really, Project Aquarius began shortly after the Alien named Krill crashed in Roswell, New Mexico way back in 1947.

Krill was a guest of the United States government and was kept in hiding at AREA 51 in southern Nevada. While a guest, he was dubbed "Alien Ambassador to Earth." He functioned as a technical advisor to the musical "Hair" and sang background vocals in THE FIFTH DIMENSION's "Up Up and Away, in My Beautiful Balloon." Krill dedicated his spare time to "Black Projects" at AREA 51, providing advanced scientific information regarding the construction of the U.S. military's own UFOs.

Krill also helped the MJ-12 committee of world scientists write a multi-volume reference book summarizing the history of his people. This book contained information on: how the aliens created mankind, how they helped develop human civilization, how they created religions to control mankind's destiny, and discussed the aliens' love of strawberry ice cream.

If you want to know more about this project, stop by at a later time when you have clearance. Then we will tell you the REAL story.

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